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There is a funding opportunity for any refugee in Germany who will like to do his PhD in Biology or any related field in our research group. Please forward to anyone seeking refuge who may be interested. They may contact directly. The position is in Dusseldorf.

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asked Aug 25, 2016 in Information & Offers by Ange
Did you get any letters of application yet?
Hi Axel, you will have to email because the applications go to him. Wefugees is only delivering the offer but doesn't have anything to do with the application and selection process. Good luck with your application, if you apply!
Hi Ange, I have completely read and understood your offer. I was only interested to hear if anybody responded.
Oh ok, no one has responded here but maybe Edmund can tell you more about it :)
Thanks for your reply!

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I'm commenting only not to show this offer of information as an "Unanswered question". It gets difficult to find unanswered questions for the users otherwise.
answered Nov 11, 2016 by Paolo
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