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Hello! I saw a post on FB that Aiden will help us. My question is: how and when Aiden will help to start something herein Germany for refugees. I want to know more details about it. @Aiden @Jan @Henrieta
asked Jul 20, 2016 in Money by Don’t Know

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Hello MoniLink,

AIDEN seems to be a work in progress with a big promise and high hopes that this promise can come true. Their claim ( "Lean back and let it happen - all of your problems, solved by an expert in 3 simple steps". And furthermore: "Imagine there is a magic button to active helping hands if you need them - We are working on that magic button". And it works like  this: "Use our App -> in 3 minutes your AIDEN (helping hand) will arrive and (a mystic entity) will solve your problem while you are relaxing -> rate the AIDEN's service, in the meantime a payment is made by AIDEN". More details on AIDEN's blog: - RSS-version: (postings are mostly in German).

Believe in the power of a magic button. And see if it works... ;-)
By the way: You don't need heaps of time to read the blog.

Cheers! Jan
answered Jul 21, 2016 by Jan
Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof!
Nice Summary, Jan!
MoniLink, I am sorry that you felt like this was all Greek to you. But those were the informations I could gather at this particular time. Work in progress is sometimes equated with information in progress. As in this case.
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Hey MoniLink,
We are currently staring in Bonn helping refugees form small businesses for small services like walking the dog, gardening, help with moving or assembling IKEA furniture.
We offer them the opportunity to acquire customers through us and will make sure that their invoices are written in a legally correct manner. We will even store every invoice for every job they performed through us, so there is no need for a huge binder with all the invoices.
AIDEN should be an opportunity to earn money in a fair environment, get to know the city and connect with Germans.

Here is a Sign-Up form, if you are interested.
answered Jul 21, 2016 by Leo
First, thank you very much for such a great project .. So, for now the project is only taking place in Bonn ?
Hi @leo, could perhaps provide an answer to @rebiwar 's question? thanks a lot and keep up with the good work. Best, Paolo
Exactly. We will expand, soon
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