Hello .. found in the study plan are many courses in tied, my question disciplines is: Do you have to end all those courses, or choose what I want them all?

My second question is .. how can I communicate with students speak my native language in order to help and cooperate with us?

The last point .. I noticed you took into account other languages ​​such as French, German and others but did not you take the Arabic language in mind with the knowledge that most of the students who are being displaced or living as refugees recently from the Arabs, as you know. I wish I could find, for example, closed captions for courses in Arabic or the like because it contributes to facilitate the understanding and learn English at the same time.

thank you
asked Jul 18, 2016 in Education by nago | 886 views
@Carolein @Herb

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Hello Nago,

I work in Kiron Open Higher Education in the Student Support team. I want to recommend a few options for you as you mentioned which courses should you take, and how it works. There is a study planner in the Kiron Campus platform, which you can see which courses are recommended and what modules you have to fulfill with descriptions on the time duration and level. I suggest going on the Kiron Student Forum (https://forum.kiron.ngo/) and looking for your study track in one of the categories and read what other students have posted/ask questions there as well. Many of your questions have already been answered, and there are great comments for you to read. You also have an academic advisors which you can contact and ask about your courses and what classes you should take. You can find them on your Kiron Campus platform under Kiron Services> Direct Academics.

For your second question, your classes at Kiron are all in English for the moment; we are working to create MOOCs in German and French. We do not offer any in Arabic, but there are Arabic speaking students you can find on the forum and you can start your own conversation about this topic under the Kiron General channel. We are aware about the subtitles, and are working to find out a solution but it won't be solved anytime soon. We will update students when we hear about new features.

Kind regards,

Kiron Student Support

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answered Oct 19, 2016 by Kiron-HelpDesk
Thanks for all the information. I also believed that all the establishment needed an innovation for every process that we used to do. Innovation helps a lot to increase and help you in different terms. Keep it up.
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Dear Nago,

I linked our two Kiron-specialists to your question. Hopefully they will answer you, soon :-)
answered Jul 18, 2016 by Henny
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Hi all,

hope dies that this question will be answered though an answer was - "hopefully" - advised by Henriette (Admin). But kind of strange: There was a posting that gave an answer (I unfortunately didn't have the time to read it) but it vanished - why?
I am still interested to get an answer though I am not the question's initiator.

answered Jul 21, 2016 by Suleika
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Dear @Suleika

I just restored the answer given by jan, which we already wanted to do some days ago. I am really sorry for the vanishement! This kind of thinks wont happen again, I promise

There was a misunderstanding regarding the role of kiron in this community. We always invite people to ask about kiron since, normally, we have two people working for kiron here, that can answer those questions perfectly
But deleting the post was the consequence of a spontaneous action, that should not happen again!

I hope it all works out.

All the best


answered Jul 22, 2016 by Henny
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