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My name is Hanna, 28 years old and coming from Iraq. I studied petroleum engineering and I have been working as a field engineer for more than 15 months,  also worked before that as laboratorian in refinery company.
Now I don't know where or how to apply for a job (although I already sent my certification to Düsseldorf to be equalized)
So can anyone advice me what I should do? Or from where I should start to search for jobs in deutchland??
I need your advices and suggestion to know what should I do: study or work ??
asked Jul 12, 2016 in Work by HannaG

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Hello Hanna,

If you would like to start to search for a Job in Germany you can go to the jobcenter in the city you currently live.
In bigger cities there should be one or more employees who are specialized on the consultation of refugees.
Please state clear, that you do not search any job, but a job that somehow matches your academic qualification.

There are also several job portals in the internet which have specialized on bringing together refugees and possible employers:
For an overview:

If you feel like, that the job you formally worked in does not give you such a great perspective in Germany,
you can decide to study something else or gain additional qualifications.
Possibility to study and financial support depends on your refugee status and of course your qualification.
There might also be some additional differences, depending on the region you would like to study in.
The federal countries in Germany partialy have different additional requirements/ demands.

If you have an official refugee status and live for at least 16 months
in Germany, you can apply for BAföG, which is, roughly said, a combination of money from the government for free and a part which you
have to pay back later by the time you earn money with your new job.

The same that goes for the jobcenter goes for the universities: they have consultants for refugees who would like to study.
If you have chosen a region you would like to study in, please do a google search for "studieren flüchtlinge" + Region (e.g. Bayern, Berlin, NRW etc.)
to find contacts, requirements.
E.g. you can find the adresses of the consultants for NRW universities here:


Further infos about studying opportunities and the financial support for refugees you can find here:

I hope this is of some help for you.
answered Jul 12, 2016 by Danny
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Hello HannG,

a starting point to guide you in advancing in your job is the informative and detailed online platform "Make it in Germany": http://bit.ly/29L6IZh (English version).
Overall Informations about studiying in Germany you can find here: http://bit.ly/29LkCdM

Kind regards, Jan
answered Jul 12, 2016 by Jan
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