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Hallo guys my name is muoses and i came from somalia iwant know what is going on here in germany and why somalis has no right to integrate how is it when you left your country whith valid reason  but ithink here in getmany even we dont have deutch courses so what is happen to somalis why its not allowed to join integration courses?
asked Jun 10, 2016 in Asylum proceedings by D
Although the official status has been explained, the huge demand for German courses has activated many german volunteers to offer free german courses, some of them are full, but to my understanting the attendance is very varied. Maybe ask in the churches / orgs nearby if you could join some of this courses to help you advance your German skills and also meet other people.

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Hello Muoses,
You are right ,the current status of Somalis here in Germany is not good at all with regard to their integration possibilities.
The ministry for integration argues that the probability of a positive decision regarding your status of protection is lower than for refugees from other countries. Unfortunately this is current government politics. There are politicians from opposing parties who criticize the leaders for disadvantaging Somalis, because of a statistic which obviously seems to be not correct. But for the moment the situation stays unacceptable. This is the sad truth. I hope this will change soon.
answered Jun 11, 2016 by Danny
Thanks for your answer Denny this amatter of thousend somalis living in germany becouse there some of them going under psychological conditions so we want make clear infront of german goverment sonthey can tell as leave  the country or integrate becouse now evevry somali youngs here disappointed
I am really sorry about your dissapointment, if you really would like to go back, maybe you can discuss that with some person who has been helping you with your papers? I have no idea how that could work out, but I can understand months and months of waiting would affect anyone.
Thanks for the discustion .
There is also somali journalist  who are scaped alshabab trorist and presecuation if you can help this matter please speak whith german goverment and explain them our community situation
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