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I know the 2016 Integration Law theoretically expanded access to the Integration Course to many people with Duldung. I am having difficulty understanding under what conditions people with Duldung a) are allowed to attend and b) are obliged to attend.

I have been searching for information myself, but still have the following questions.
1) Are those with Duldung basically allowed to apply for a spot, but are not necessarily obliged to participate? Do they have a lower priority to obtain a spot?
2) Must Duldung people pay for the course themselves?
3) Are those from "safe countries of origin" still prohibited from participating in the integration course, even if they have Duldung?
4) Does the local Job Center / Auslanderbehorde decide if the Duldung person is obliged to attend or not?
5) Is the Duldung person only able to attend the course if the reasons for obtaining the Duldung fit a specific criteria?

Can somebody help me to clarify my understanding? Are there any resources that explain more clearly? Thank you!
asked Jan 30, 2018 in Legal advice by Eme
Hello @Eme - nice to hear from you again! Maybe @BildungsberaterIn has an answer to your questions. In addition I will link @WKZB1 and @WKZB2 from "Willkommenszentrum Berlin" - they recently joined our circle of experts. Best regards, Thorgen
Thank you for tagging some experts who might be able to help clarify. I am also happy to read some resources myself, if there is one clear definitive source, I simply do not know about. I have been reading the BAMF web pages directly, but I do not think those pages address all the very specific nuances. Thank you again.

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