Hello everyone,
Actually today i have a brand new question about the asylum process and i really wish that someone can help with a good full answer.
We all heard about the blue and the gray pass which the german government is giving after 2016,Someone i know came with his daughter to germany and they already have thier interviews few weeks ago.
The shock is his daughter took the blue pass and they gave him the gray pass(1year) even though they said the same thing to the judge and obviously they were living together so they were under the same situation in syria.
How could that happened?Are they using this strategy to stop families reunion?
And how could a man with a family down there live in safe in germany while his family in syria in danger? It's just not right isn't it? Let's say that the judgments depend on what people say at the court,Then what are the right things to tell and what are the things that no one should say? We all know the routine questions but i think there's something new something which sort the people to make the decision of who will have the blue pass and who won't have it,Then what is this thing? Is there's something people should do at the court enhancing to take the blue pass?
Thank you!
asked Apr 27, 2016 in Asylum proceedings by Kenan | 877 views

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3 Answers

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Hello Kenan,

Though not being an asylm specialist I tried to gather up to date information about the legal situation of the so called residence title (German: Aufenthaltstitel). Things have changed in 2016, so any information before this date is problematic and only dubiously reliable.
The advice to ask PRO ASYL is from my point of view a recommendable one, they are real experts.

Do you know that persons who hold the grey passport may stay in summary 3 years, for the one year residence permit is in regular cases prolongated up to 3 years (Aufenthaltserlaubnis nach §25.2).
Information source: ****://bit.ly/1r1qt1G (German), ****://bit.ly/1r1r97h (Translation into English by Google translate).

I hope the information above helps to make an obscure authority decision less threatening.

All the best, Jan
answered Apr 29, 2016 by Jan
Thanks alot!
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Hi Kenan, unfortunately the german policy is very inconsistent and some times also arbitrary....
I also think you need some advice, and you need it soon (people normaly have 4 weeks for "Widerspruch" objection against this decision). Here are some other adresses, may be, they can help you:  

Caritasverband für die Region Rhein-Wied-Sieg
Frau von Berg, Frau Clausen
Heddesdorfer Str. 5, 56564 Neuwied
Tel.: 02631 - 98 75 0
Mail: sozialerdienst@caritas-neuwied.de , Mo - Fr: 9 - 12 Uhr, Mi, Do: 14 - 16 Uhr
Angebot: Beratung für Asylbewerber und Bürgerkriegsflüchtlinge

Diakonisches Werk Neuwied, Violeta Borczon, Rheinstr. 69, 56564 Neuwied
Tel.: 02631 - 39 22 -63 , Termine nach tel. Voranmeldung
Cafe für alle: Fr: 13 - 15 Uhr

Caritasverband Koblenz: Susanne Thorn
Hohenzollernstr. 118, 56068 Koblenz
Tel.: 0261 - 13 90 65 -12
Mail: thorn@caritas-koblenz.de
Mo - Fr: 8 -12 Uhr, Do:   8 - 16 Uhr

Reference: ****://wp.asyl-rlp.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Adressbuch-AK-Asyl-September.pdf

Good luck!
answered May 2, 2016 by HeiDe
Thank you!!
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Hi Kenan,

I´m honestly not familiar enough with the process, but that situation definitely sounds nonsensical. Where are you located? I could help **** for a source of legal advice that you could pass along to the family. Pro Asyl is also a good resource. Here is the contact information for their advisory hotline:

PHONE: +49 (0) 69 24 2314 20
10am – 12pm
2pm – 4pm

At the end of 2015 BAMF was instructed to grant Syrians only the subsidiary protection and not full refugee status. This may be the "reason" that the father was granted the gray pass.
answered Apr 28, 2016 by julia.d
Hey julia,thanks for your answer.
I actually live in Mülheim Kärlich near koblenz city.
And if that was the reason why they gave his daughter the blue pass? If the thing you said is true then they should give all the syrian people the gray pass and that's not happening they are giving the blue passport too
And i sent to the email you gave me an email thank you so much i hope that i could get an answer from them.
The resource for that information was an article (a few) from the end of 2015. I also was surprised to read it because I thought that the blue pass was also being given out. Maybe it´s a guideline that is only sometimes followed, or the instruction from the government´s been receded. Here are the newspaper articles, maybe someone on here has a better idea about how they are instructed to handle the passes now:
oops here´s the article :)  ****://***.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/refugee-crisis-germany-imposes-restrictions-on-syrian-refugees-in-surprise-u-turn-a6724931.html
and here´s an article I just found that says the suggestion was immediately taken back afterwards! ****://***.wsj.***/articles/germany-tightens-asylum-rules-for-syrians-1446838567
Thank you
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