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I have met alot of german who think that we really like to be refugees and we really love to leave our country to get some amount of euros per month,we should stay there and fight like the germans did she said.
I actually respect and appreciate every german and the german government for every single thing they did for the refugees and being so generous.
But i just can't get it the last war for germany was world war II,They started the war to make deutschland bigger and stronger etc.. That's why they had to and they should stay together and fight because they are fighting for germany they are fighting together against another people under and for the same flag! We actually got out because you may got killed by a syrian if not so,get kidnapped not so,die accidently with a bomb.
And i can guarantee that we don't want to stay and we don't like it to be refugees! The most of us used to spend more than 400€ per week.
Again thank you germany and long live the great citizens of germany❤️✌
asked Mar 19, 2016 in Home & Living by Kenan
Dear Kenan, I think most of us are aware of the difficult situation you all are in! We can , for sure, not really imagine how it must be like to be stick in the categorie "beeing a refugee", but we are trying to support as good as we can. Opinions regarding the political decisions concerning money etc. are divers and I can tell you that a lot of germans would wish for refugees to have the opportunity to work and have a better life than most of you are having at the moment. We can't change the situation right now we can only try to improve it in small steps. And thats what we want to do with "". I really hope that you will meet nice germans and be able to start a nice life here (even if its not forever). I also hope that war in Syria will end soon. Keep on telling people your thoughts about the life refugees are having here! It is good to raise your voice against unfairness, in germany and elsewhere! I wish you good luck with it. In the meantime check out what we have to offer here on our page, maybe some suggestions will help you to improve your condition. Best Henriette
Thank you for your swift reply.
I really just hope that this type of people that i already talked about them can understand that we really don't wanna stay here for ever and we are not here because of the money or anything else except continuing  our lifes till the war end in syria so we can go back.
And i want to mention another thing that there's no emotions in politics,every country knows the effects of a thing which they are planning to do before they do it so if the government knows that this thing will have a bad effects on the country and the citizens it will easily drop it. It will take a small amount of refugees like the other countries because of the humanity responsibilities.
America didn't take refugees as much as germany even though it has a great economic status like germany but it didn't take that much why? And why did germany took that amount of refugees?
Can't you understand it now?
Just gonne stop talking and make you figure out the rest whoever read this.
Sorry if you think that this is wrong but alot of people will agree this
Wish you got me right I'm not attacking anyone i'm just trying to change how some people think about us everyone here ARE having a good life here and alot of people everywhere just trying to help anyhow we really do appreciate that and what you do guys so thank you so much amd god bless you all!
We, mostly the refugees ourselves, have the goal that one day we will be no longer refugees, but a member of a society where we, like every one else, can have a normal life.
Exactly yabchen i feel sorry about my self and about my people,where were we before 2011 and where we are now all of us are planning to finish college or school and have a good life till the war is over ao we can go back to the cities where we belong where we born to build it again and bring the life to it after the war.
Welcome to Germany! I also think the absolute majority is openminded towards refugees. I'm also optimistic that you can return in any future to your home. I hope you haven't wait for this a long time.
Thank you kati

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I am not so sure, if this "german are no refugees" is not a simple prejudice. This is for sure against the public tradition. But according to this article, there were about 12-14 million german refugee between 1944 and 1950 in europe:

Indeed, the percentage of the refugees to the complete population is lower, than the one in syria. But for me it is comprehensible. I think, one important point is the belief in the way what the government is. E.g. most people i know from ukraine, believe that their government is group of criminal mafiosi behaving like kings with working slaves. They believe that industrial people, mafia and government are all the same, and the normal citizen will never benefit from their decisions. So the connection between the citizen and government is close to zero. E.g. in my opinion the german government is strongly influenced by industrial people but these people are not identical in person and normally they are normally not mafiosi. So, i really believe that the government is really interested in the wealth of their citizen. This would be an important factor if you believe that you trust your government or not. And of course, how to react when they say you have to fight for the country. I am not sure how it is in syria. I can believe that it is very complicated and some mixture between these two extremes.
answered May 5, 2016 by Dave
Actually Herr Dave you're absolutely right!
And about the fighting in syria, Believe me you don't want to join any side of them because both of them are killing stealing and destroying struggling to get on famous Chair and have the power of it so really most of us figured out how the both are acting like now
Acting right now* so they are not fighting for the country then why should we join and fight for syria? When my country is fighting to take out the terrorist organizations or any enemy from the outside we will stick together and fight for the country as anyone would do. That's why we picked to not be included in thier dirty war.
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