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Hello Everybody

I am looking for a job here in Germany and I would really appreciate any tip for the interview. I once went to a Job-coaching session and they helped me a lot. I’ve noticed there are many cultural differences like what to say when you do small talk before the interview or talk about yourself (hobbies and family situation). I know it depends on what job am I applying to but any tip would do.

Also for the CV/Lebenslauf (do I write down my interests?/ picture or no picture?/ should I bring it printed or just send it?) You could help me with any tip or own experience.

Looking forwards to read all you answers!
asked Jan 13, 2017 in Work by Mariana G.
Hi Mariana, i think the most important thing when going for an interview is to be authentic and represent yourself.  The focus of the conversation should be around your previous experience and your motivation and suitability for the job. It helps to be well prepared, to have researched a bit about the company and job you are applying for and think of potential questions If the interviewer asks you about hobbies and family situation, it's perfectly ok to talk about it, however there are some questions that should not be addressed (e.g. if you're pregnant) and you are not obliged to answer them
regarding the CV: most German ones do have a picture, it's fine to write down your interests, but again focus should be on work experience and education (you can either do it chronologically or start with your last experience, i prefer the latter).
dress code for the interview pretty much depends on the kind of job and the sector it's in, again a little research might help here. For most office jobs i guess you are on the safe side wearing a suit, for others a more informal "business casual" outfit might be more adequate. Again, i think it's most important to come across authentically.
Good luck with your job hunt!
thank you Isabel that was really helpful

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There are 6 videos, on this link, that suggest what to wear, and how to prepare for a job interview. Mawjoud fi Arrabi (There is dialogue in Arabic language as well as in German). The job fair took place already, on 25 January 2017, but the videos contain information relevant generally for a job search:
answered Jan 30, 2017 by Gordon
Good videos! Thanks Gordon =)
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Great Tips Isabel! And good luck @Mariana!
answered Jan 27, 2017 by Paolo
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