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Hallo für alle..

Ich lerne Deutsch und Jetzt habe ich A2 Level ,

und Ich möchte sprechen mit einer Deutsch Persone . weil ich meine sprache zu traineren können .

Ich habe gehört dass , einige Deutshe wollen zu Arabisch lernen ,,

Können Sie bitte sagen ob ich das machen kann ?


Vielen Dank ..
asked Mar 7, 2016 in Education by Thank_you_Germany
Hello, where do you live? Wo wohnst du?
Guten Morgen Jinyus . Zurzeit whone ich in Kruppstr (Moabit) ( in einem camp)
@jinyus i'm looking for the same thing too, if you could help me please. i live in Saerbeck.

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Caritas offers "Erzählcafes" for migrants, there are often Germans who are interested to make contacts, so try to go there.

In Berlin there are several Caritas offices, the nearest ones to your camp are the following:

Dänenstraße 19
10439 Berlin
Telefon: 030 445 74 30   
Telefax: 030 44 65 28 11
Dienstag 9.00-12.00 Uhr
Donnerstag 14.00-17.00 Uhr

Fidicinstraße 3
10965 Berlin
Telefon: 0 30 6 66 33-3 91/92/96/98   
Telefax: 0 30 6 66 33-3 94
Dienstag 9.00-12.00 Uhr
Donnerstag 14.00-17.00 Uhr
und nach Vereinbarung

There you can ask where and when exactly those Erzählcafes take place.
answered Mar 10, 2016 by jinyus
Danke Jinyus
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VHS Pankow offers lessons for honorary German refugee helpers to learn Arabic language basics (Arabisch - Eine praktische Einführung für ehrenamtliche Flüchtlingshelfer). Ask if they need support.

Further information:

Regards, Jan

answered Mar 9, 2016 by Jan
Danke !
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Here you find some places in Saerbeck

Jugendzentrum JuZe
Industriestraße 1

Mario Piekatz
Tel. 02574/ 8477

They meet every saturday from 16:30 - 18.30

Arche, protestant church
Ferrieresstraße 2

Bernhard Schäffer
Tel. 02574/ 1220

They meet every wednesday 15.00 - 17.00
answered Mar 12, 2016 by jinyus
I had to ask Google to know, where Saerbeck is located, Now I know:  In the district of Steinfurt, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is situated approximately 30 km west of Osnabrück and 25 km north of Münster.
@jinyus thank you. last week i heard about this although i've been in Saerbeck since 5 months, and i went there but it doesn't work or i did not feel comfortable with it. Anyway I was thinking of something else like to have a contact with German people through internet like Skype or anything else. I think it will be better for me. Thanks again.
@Jan yes i feel like i live in dessert, it's so small
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