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I'm looking for friends and i love to learn the German language
Ich  Suche nach Freunden  : )
Und ich liebe die deutsche Sprache zu lernen  ❤    : )
asked May 26, 2016 in Activities by PRIVAT
Hello, I am asking the usual question: If you want to meet friends offline, we should know where in Germany you stay at the moment.
Hallo  Jan  : )    i hope every thing is Ok with you . I live in Landshut  
Thanks, I'm quite fine and I hope so are you.

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Hello again,

Do you know the organisation "Volunteer agency Landshut"?
I think they do offer what you are looking for. See (German)

Contact information: Freiwilligen Agentur Landshut
Dr. Elisabeth-Maria Bauer, Geschäftsführerin
Dominik-Brunner-Weg 1
84030 Landshut
Telefon: 0871 / 20 66 27 30


Kind regards, Jan
answered May 26, 2016 by Jan
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