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asked Feb 15, 2016 in Money by Don’t Know
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Hi Moni, I'm currently trying to get a permission for a refugee here in Munich to relocate his business to Germany. It is probably nearly impossible, as far as I could find out so far. Generally, asylum seekers do not get a permission to work self employed. Moreover, if authorities find out, that there is money in the back, they may charge him for living in a GU and the canteen food. There must be some possibility for companies to expand to Germany, but I don't have details yet. First item you need, is a good business plan.

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Dear Moni,

your friend has to register as an asylum-seeker if he wants to work in Germany. After three months he gets limited work permit and can work as an intern for example, even if his asylum-procedure is not finished yet. He needs a permission from the foreigners Authority thoug. ("Ausländerbehörde":
Starting an own business is a little bit more complicated. For that he needs the confirmation as a refugee.
Here are more Informations in English and other languages:

This Website can help to find work as a refugee:

As a journalist your friend could also get in contact with some other journalists who are refugees too, like monis bukhari (

I hope this helps somehow, all the best!

answered Feb 25, 2016 by Milena
Hi Milena,

Thanks so much!

Best wishes for you,

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