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Hello everyone!


Is there any chance to do business as an asylum seeker? One of my journalist-friends... lives in Hagen.

He wants to do business, though his asylum procedure is not finished yet, even he didn't give fingerprint! But he has money in his country. Can he bring his money and start business here in Germany?

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asked Feb 15, 2016 in Money by MoniLink (4,940 points)
Hi Moni, I'm currently trying to get a permission for a refugee here in Munich to relocate his business to Germany. It is probably nearly impossible, as far as I could find out so far. Generally, asylum seekers do not get a permission to work self employed. Moreover, if authorities find out, that there is money in the back, they may charge him for living in a GU and the canteen food. There must be some possibility for companies to expand to Germany, but I don't have details yet. First item you need, is a good business plan.

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Dear Moni,

your friend has to register as an asylum-seeker if he wants to work in Germany. After three months he gets limited work permit and can work as an intern for example, even if his asylum-procedure is not finished yet. He needs a permission from the foreigners Authority thoug. ("Ausländerbehörde":
Starting an own business is a little bit more complicated. For that he needs the confirmation as a refugee.
Here are more Informations in English and other languages:

This Website can help to find work as a refugee:

As a journalist your friend could also get in contact with some other journalists who are refugees too, like monis bukhari (

I hope this helps somehow, all the best!

answered Feb 25, 2016 by Milena (250 points)
Hi Milena,

Thanks so much!

Best wishes for you,

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