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Hello ladies and gentlemen
I came from Syria.

Actually i have been in Germany since July /2014 and I did not success to get asylum and that is because I had a refugee status in Bulgaria ,as I stayed there for almost 9 or 10 months.
Recently my lawyer was able to make me an appointment (hearing interview) with the court , as I have it on 14/1/2016 , and here based my question : what do you think that I should tell them there and what I should avoid to tell please?
I hope to get any advices because I think this is my last chance to get the asylum here.

Thank you all in advance
Best regards
asked Dec 26, 2015 in Asylum proceedings by Mohammad
Hi Mohammad,

Best answer you can get only from your lawyer. He is your legal authority now. If you get suggestions from others then you could be misguided. Please ask your lawyer what should you tell to the court.

Wish you good luck!!!
Okaaaaay thank you ..
I suggest you stay calm and talk no more than necessary. Be friendly but not emotional. Let your lawyer do the talking and do not interrupt.
Ya i would be like what you said Worldnoir , but my lawyer will not come with me bcuz i must pay for her extra money about 800€ if she will join , but it is not possible for me , thats why i have to do everything by myself ..
Thanks for your answer

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Hi Mohammed, normally your lawyer must give you advice and prepare the interview with you....  you must tell the court essential (and true or validable)  reasons why they should not send you to bulgaria. Unfortunately that can only be problems with your health, problems like traumas or something similar. Ask your lawyer. Here are some Informations in germen, may be you find someone to explain,
good luck to you!
answered Jan 1, 2016 by HeiDe
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