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I have MBA from UK by distance learning and i want to continue my PHD. I have tried to reach some online universities such as from Swiss but I cant afford the money. so any advice? I am in Denmark.
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asked Dec 20, 2015 in Education by edy3
Normal way is to take a half time or full time job at the university and use the time to write your PHD. But the most important fact is to find a professor who likes your themes (or you like his themes). Other ways are really difficult.
At least that is the normal way in Germany.
Also institutes like Fraunhofer or others have often open jobs intentended to make a PHD in parallel.
thanks for your suggestions and let me wait others.
can u please send details of the institute (website) to try
sorry i got it and i am trying to have a look at it. Thanks
i have got the address. thanks

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Hey edy3, I hope everything worked out for you. If you have further questions dont hesitate to write on
answered May 3, 2016 by juanarguello
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