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دخيل عينك بدي موقع او عنوان
مدارس اللغة بمدينة WÜRZBURG
للاشخاص اللي ما معن اقامة لسى
مشكورين جدا
asked Nov 14, 2015 in Education by HADI (110 points)
@Mido May you can help and translate this in english? That would be great, so we can help Hadi :)
thanks for your job i would like to ask about school for refugee in Germany before they have passport in Würzburg city please ..thanks alot   

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Hello Hadi, here you can find German courses for refugees in Würzburg (, according to the information from the webpage any foreign citizen who holds a temporary permission to stay or a notice of registration as an asylum seeker can participate, the course covers 320 class hours (each class hour is 45 minutes in duration). Upon successful completion of the course you will achieve the A1 certification in German, in line with the Common European Framework.

Here you can also find useful informations for refugees in Würzburg and the surrounding area regarding to learning the language and so on.
answered Nov 16, 2015 by Beatriz (6,640 points)
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