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we are refugee live in Darmstadt we have a documentary film about our journey to Europe is their any organization who are interesting our film in Düsseldorf?
asked Oct 28, 2015 in Activities by Ibrahim (170 points)
Hey Ibrahim, what do you want to do with the video? Shall it be publishes by an organisation?
Hello Ibrahim! I work in a postproduction-company in Berlin. We have good connections to a production-company for documentaries. Can we connect, so I can see your material?
Our website is    The site of the production-company is
If you want a connection write to
Hi Pike, thank you for your support! That sounds great. I hope you can connect. Just a little advise. If you write your answer in "write an answer" everybody can see it directly an rate it :) The field "Leave a comment" is useful if you have any queries to the question. Good luck guys!

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Not published yet any where we want to show the people the difficult journey that we entered Europe and how the Eu members are deporting from one state to other because if Dublin regulation. For more information about the film please contact me my personal email
answered Oct 28, 2015 by Ibrahim (170 points)
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