I still don't have papers but I would like to take German courses, is it possible? I am now in Berlin.
asked Sep 28, 2015 in Education by Adile | 897 views
There are some free German courses taking place at WBS.  https://***.wbstraining.de/weiterbildung-deutsch-als-zweitsprache/aktuelles/kostenlose-deutschkurse-fuer-fluechtlinge-bei-der-wbs/

More cities to come. For details please contact: info@wbstraining.de
Hi @Electra, that's great! I hope it will help. Just a little advise. If you write your answer in "write an answer" everybody can see it directly and rate it :) The field "Leave a comment" is useful if you have any queries to the question. Thank you so much for your support :) Best wishes Torben

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Unfortunately, only the "recognized refugees" (in German: anerkannte Fl├╝chtlinge) are allowed to take german courses that are financed. Otherwise you have to pay on your own or you **** for german courses that are done by volunteers.

you can find some courses for Berlin here, it's also in English:

answered Sep 28, 2015 by jinyus
all these courses are free!
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Jinyus, it's not quite correct that only the "recognized refugees" are allowed to take German language courses for free. At the VHS refugees with Aufenthaltsgestattung can also partake of such courses.

Check out f.ex.:

But you can't take German courses, Adile, when you are not registered yet.

Hopefully you'll get soon your papers.
answered Sep 28, 2015 by koko
Alright, thanks for checking out.
this was actually on the website of proasyl and my experiences in Northrhine Westphalia in the last months! :)
Thank you for checking koko
Also several other Instititutions offer free courses. Thats different in each town.
I am in Berlin now, I don't understand, can I take courses or not?
There are a lot of Ehrenamtliche giving free German courses. I know of courses in Berlin-Buch at the B├╝rgerhaus twice a week. Maybe you can check out refugee support groups in your district like Pankow hilft! or Moabit hilft! They can help you with the details. Good luck!
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