I live in köln and I don't know any German
asked Sep 10, 2015 in Education by Akam | 1,031 views
Where are you from originally? Which languages can you and you family speak? How many people and in wich age are your family? Since when are you in Germany? Do you need a language school for refugees, where you don't have to pay for, or do you have a job? Give me a little bit more information to help you
I arrived with my wife, son (3) and two daughters (12-14) two years ago from Syria. Nobody speak German and I am the only who speak English. I have a little job but no money for courses.
jobcenter should pay Integration Courses?
@wefuDUS: do you know that or is this a question? And what do I have to do for this? regards, lala

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2 Answers

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Hi Akam,

The following website has a list of German language courses that you and your family can attend. Hope you find this useful.


answered Sep 10, 2015 by Bettina
Hi Bettina, the Link doesn't work... Can you relink it please?
Oh sorry! Here you are :) ****://koelner-syrienhilfe.de/infos/angebote-fuer-fluechtlinge/ and under "Deutsch lernen" you find three links
If you want to take free courses online (podcasts), here is the link in arabic : ****://***.dw.***/ar/الرئيسية/s-9106
Thank you!!!!
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The German-Arab Friendship Association DAFG offers a free online picture dictionary with words in German and Arabic as well as the transcription of the words: ****://dafg.eu/fileadmin/dafg/Weiteres/Bildwoerterbuch/Bildwoerterbuch_gesamt/Bildwoerterbuch_gesamt.pdf
answered Feb 29, 2016 by DAFG e.V.
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