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Hi Hana,

Here is a good website that connects you with locals and gives good examples of activities that are organized every day.

answered Sep 10, 2015 by Petra M.
Hi Petra, can you send the link again please? :)  
Sorry HAna,
here is the link:
Hi Petra, sorry I don't get it.... How does weconnect work? I can just sign in to newsletter. How do I find activities? thanks Mirco
Hi Micro/Hana, you may have already been able to use WeConnect and find some activities (I hope so!), but if not WeConnect is a newsletter that you can subscribe to on the homepage with your email address. You then will receive a regular email that lists upcoming activities in Berlin.
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Nothing to do during the day? Speak (a little) English (or French/German)?
Maybe help the local schools:
- Translate for refugee children (from/to English)
- Offer classes for (German and other) students (e.g. Arabic, cooking, ...)

Just call the school. Ask for the English department. Maybe sent them an e-mail. Many parents help in school. So you can help, too!
answered May 2, 2016 by C.M.
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