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Does anyone know a kurdish speaking Doctor in Berlin? Thanks for your help! #berlin #doctor #medicin
asked Sep 8, 2015 in Healthcare by Arcus
edited Apr 13, 2018 by Thor

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4 Answers

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You an find kurdish speaking doctors on the homepage of KV Berlin if you use "Arztsuche" > "Erweiterte Suche" > "Sprache: Kurdisch". Unfortunately the homepage is only in German. Here is the link to the homepage:
answered Sep 9, 2015 by Judith
Thank you very much! I tried to find someone, but it's really hard on german websites.
Thank you, Judith! :)
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Dr. Med. Gülüstan Saribas, Karl-Marx-Str. 27, Tel. 030 - 54 71 58 62
answered Nov 16, 2015 by basil
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I know, the question has been asked some time ago but I just saw it and maybe this site is very helpful for the problem.:

You can easily book an interpreter there for going to a doctor. They offer a broad variety of languages
answered Nov 6, 2015 by Peter
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