I seek asylum in Germany for years' after 3 years I was giving Duldung and working permit, I have been working as a caregiver for 2 years now. But I have problem which the state where I seek asylum knows about it,  my child father have been threatening to kill me because I didn't let him take my child to Africa forcircumcision and traditional ritual, I have report to the state police many times they didn't do anything about it. And he told him that i was liein.I even take him to court so dat I can get the full right over my child. They filled me. They said they can't stop him from seeing his child. He's not working He don't care for the child mental health. He can insult me anywhere he see me in the city. So after the court hearing. This year ' they told him to undergo mental therapy for 6 months, an he said in the court dat he's going to paint the street with my blood.. so I run away to Denmark but I don't want to stay in Denmark.. I don't know if I can seek protection in another state in Germany like hamburg or Berlin,  since the state where I seek asylum didn't want to help me get him out of my child life.. I'm doing this for my child mental health. Because she see everything that is happening..I wanted to go back to Germany since we have not been interviewed yet... and the funny part is that I came to Denmark with my Duldung but I don't want to stay.
I'm very afraid, I don't want to get kill dat is why i run away..I have poof. Alot of them.i don't know if I can seek protection from another state... please I need help so dat I can  deregister my asylum with Denmark and go back to Germany.
asked Jul 2 in Asylum proceedings by Amanda pat | 208 views

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