My house owner live with me. I just moved to the house two months ago and few days ago the owner sent me text regarding evacuation of the house with out any reasons. I said as soon as I find a house I will leave the place. But the owner constantly disturbing me and stressing me regarding stuff like throwing the trash, cleaning the house, emptying the dish washer. Day by day it is getting too much to handel and I am not able to focuse on my studies and classes at the universe and work.
asked May 13 in Home & Living by smondal | 301 views

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Hi @smondal

Unfortunately, there is not a lot we can do here about this situation. If you wished to continue living there, then there are places that can help you to asserting your rights as a tenant, such as a tenants’ association or the university’s legal advice service. As you wish to move out, then perhaps the university student support services could help you with this. They may be able to help you to access student accommodation (this is usually called a ‘Studentenwohnheim’) on short notice due to your situation. There you have your own room but may have to share other facilities with a few other students. Until you find something new, I can only recommend you do what you consider to be your fair share of the housework.



answered 4 days ago by mbeon-Éanna
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