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I have a fachgebunde hochschulreife for literature. I am still in the asylum process and my question is whether it would be possible for me to do a Duale Studium. I am almost complete with B2 in German, I am fluent in English (around C1) and I know an additional language. There is a fachhochschule near my city, and i saw businesses putting up posters saying theyre partnering with that fachhochschule for duale studium. I heard Ausbildungsduldung only works when I do the schooling part in a Berufschule. I dont want to waste my Hochschulreife. What should I do?
asked Apr 15 in Education by maribel999 | 605 views

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Hi @maribel999

I just answered your other question on this topic. To confirm again, a 'duales Studium' also entitles you to get an Ausbildungsduldung or resident permit 16g, if it leads to you having a vocational qualification (Berufsabschluss) in addition to a third-level academic qualification.

Here is the information on this from the immigration authorities in Berlin:

Ebenso möglich sind duale Studiengänge, in denen parallel ein Studium und eine Berufsausbildung absolviert werden und die Absolventen den jeweiligen Hochschulabschluss sowie einen anerkannten dualen Berufsabschluss nach dem Berufsbildungsgesetz oder der Handwerksordnung erwerben.


The rules are the same throughout Germany.



answered May 7 by mbeon-Éanna
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