me and my husband are married since 2018, last year 2023 we have a lot of problems and we decided that we will live separately, but still will try to fix our marriage so in the same house another tenant diet so I take that apartment because it was the same address so I didn’t have to myself in Rathaus , for some info, I currently have residence permit 25 abs 3 because we are gay and I got protection. This year, I want travel my country, because of my brothers marriage, so I decided to apply a resident permit behalf of my marriage, so I can travel back to my home country. I received an email from immigration office and they asked for the document signed,Erklärung ehrliche Lebensgemeinschaft. My is, is it normal if we apply that Raza, permit behalf on basis of a German spouse or or they have some information about the new apartment that I rented again the house has five apartments two of them we own so technically it’s the same address. I have done nothing except made a contract. My question is is it normal to ask for that document to be signed there, in doubt that we’re not together ? In my Circumstances, should I sign it and send it to immigration office, but backfire on me? I’m working full-time on very good salary,  any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you,
asked Mar 31 in Legal advice by Kevinreed00131 | 182 views

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