Good day,

I have a friend who what’s to seek an asylum in Germany but she got married to an Italian man.

She already have Italian 5 years documents but her documents  is on renew now.                       

but she want to abandon it and come here to seek an asylum.

 My question is, if she eventually come here will they grant her a permit to stay here?

She has a child with the Italian man.

Thank you.

asked Nov 14, 2023 in Asylum proceedings by Omonye | 560 views

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Hi @Omonye

If she seeks asylum in Germany she will go through the Dublin procedure. As she has a residency status in Italy, she would be deported to Italy where she then can have an asylum case heard there.

Does she have permanent residency in Italy? It is called ‘soggiornante di lungo periodo’. If she has this, then she can come to Germany and **** for a job here. If she finds work, she can apply for a special residence permit for people who have permanent residency in another EU country.

If she comes to Germany with her child, then it is possible under certain conditions for her to receive a residence permit as the parent of an EU citizen child. If the father also comes to Germany and is working here, then this is relatively straightforward. If she came alone with the child, it is more complicated and she should inform herself fully before undertaking such a plan.



answered Nov 17, 2023 by mbeon-Éanna
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