Im a Malaysian national, been living in Hungary since March 2020. I got married with my Hungarian spouse on Dec 2020. Due to his lack of commitment, cheating, lying, domestic violence- we fought a lot and eventually broke up. Since he said it was his fault, he promised that he would help me move out, wait till I get a job and help me financially (3months). So that I get my life together then we will proceed on the divorce. During this period, since I did not have a job. He asked me to work for his company and I did so. On the 3rd month he decided to hold my salary, go back on his words and will give me nothing. Also during this time, I would be constantly under emotional blackmail on different things. One of them was to stop having contact with a friend that was working on an environmental project with me or else he would give me nothing. I also faced many times threats to be kicked out, together with out dog. Also violence in the house by breaking things but he didnt hit me. Just threw things. Of course during these moments, I was always afraid Im going to be next. He used to also take out his anger on our dog. When he help my payment, I told him if he didnt give it to me. How can I move out? SO he gave me 1 month payment of my own salary and I left with our dog- fearing he might do something to him. This dog is also bigger than me and I still dont know if I am capable of taking care of it. I am searching for a new home for him but not many people are interested in an old 60kg dog. Now I have been summoned to court to attend the divorce. He had then found a new gf in a reality tv show. Within the 6 months since I left his home. I am still homeless, jobless and I cant comprehend everything that happened so fast. He is trying to get me deported as he had mentioned to the court that my visa should be revoked and given a tourist visa. Ive lived 3 years with this man and left with nothing. I dont have a home to go back to in my country. I had given up everything for him. Now Im still looking for a job but I need help on how I can secure my visa? Ive lived here for over 3 years and would like to continue my life here even if my heart and mind has been broken.

Thank you for reading my story and helping me!
asked Nov 11 in Other Questions by jeszebel | 120 views

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Dear @jeszebel

I’m sorry to read of the difficult situation you are in. Unfortunately, we are based in Germany and can generally only offer advice and information on the situation in this country. We are unable tp provide information on your rights in Hungary.

I have researched some organisations that might be better placed to assist you and where English is spoken.

This service provides free legal aid and psychological support to women in Hungary who have experienced relationship violence:


This is a helpline in Hungary for people who have experience domestic violence (including verbal and emotional violence):


I recommend you make contact with these supports and wish you all the best.


answered 2 days ago by mbeon-Éanna
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