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I need advice on my current situation.
Currently i am holding a duldung and already applied an ausbildungsduldung and RPS confirmed that i will get it in next few weeks. I will begin my PIA ausbildung as Erzieherin in September. I will be getting money from my praxis but after paying taxes and insurance i will not be left with enough money. Do i qualify for any fundings from the state?
I live with my husband he got recognized as an refugee last month and he is currently jobless and looking for a suitable career orientation. We are religiously married and in my passport his name is also mentioned as my spouse. I also want to know my steuerklasse.

Do i also qualify for 150€ bonus for azubis which is in effect from 1st july 2023?

Do i also qualify to have a temporary residence permit apart from ausbildung duldung as in my understanding this time will not be considered when i want to apply for permanent residence. Is it possible to change my residence status according to the new laws that just got passed in the Bundestag.
I also got My university degree recognised and have b2 Deutschkenntnisse
I have been in germany for 4 years

Thanking you in advance for your advice.
asked Aug 28 in Legal advice by Maira | 1 view

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Hi @Maira

Once you begin your Ausbildung, you may be entitled to financial benefits visa BAFöG and/or asylum seekers’ benefits from the Sozialamt. You should apply for BAFöG. Depending on how much you get, you may in addition receive additional financial support from the Sozialamt.

The 150€ bonus does not apply to those doing an Ausbildung. It is only for people who are in receipt of benefits (Bürgergeld) from the Jobcenter and who are doing a Weiterbildung (i.e. like a further training course, different to an Ausbildung).

If your husband needs financial support, as a recognised refugee he is entitled to Bürgergeld from the Jobcenter. The Jobcenter will also assist him in finding work or maybe doing such a Weiterbildung as mentioned. There are often specific projects in each part of Germany to help refugees with career orientation and finding work.

Your Steuerklasse will be 1 unless you have your marriage recognised in Germany.

Based on your description of your situation, I do not know of any residence permit which would be available to you. The most likely one I can think of is paragraph 19d Aufenthaltsgesetz as your university degree has been recognised. However, for paragraph 19d you have to have been working the past two years in an area related to your qualification.



answered Sep 8 by mbeon-Éanna
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