Company of my wife is in Turkey and works in Germany under special contract (She is not paying renteversicherung oder Steuer in Deutschland). She is still employee of Turkish company working in Germany for special training. We came to Germany together and I have a residence permit and work permit connected to the residence permit of my wife. We are both from Turkey. Once her contract is completed, my residence permit will be cancelled. How can I get an independent residence permit? What type of work (Full time or part time) and for how long must I work to have a residence permit and work permit that is not related or restricted with the residence permit of my wife? When can I apply to remove the restriction that binds my residence permit to the residence permit of my wife?
asked Aug 23, 2023 in Legal advice by NeuimDeutschland | 608 views

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Hi @NeuimDeutschland

You can get an independent residence permit if you find qualified work which allows you to earn enough to live on.

The job must require some sort of qualification and this qualification must be recognised in Germany. The type of permit is according to paragraph 18a or 18b of the immigration law (Aufenthaltsgesetz).

It is not the amount of hours you work that matters but what your earnings will be. If your wife will not be remaining in Germany, then you only have to show you will earn enough to support yourself (living costs and rent). If she wishes to stay here after her contract ends, then you have to show you earn enough for both of you. She would then in turn move to a residence permit as your family dependant.



answered Sep 4, 2023 by mbeon-Éanna
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