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To give a background on my question and situation: I am 23 year old currently holding a Duldung since the beginning of 2020 due to asylum application rejection. I then got enrolled in unversity of March of 2020 and have been studying since, getting several scholarships along the way due to good grades. I am now in my last semester (thesis semester) and I couldn't re-enroll as my university said the health insurance blocked it and I contacted them and they said I have a pending payment of around 1000 euros!! Firstly when I first came to Germany I was given a health insurance card with IKK but I wasn't aware of anything, I beleive it was paid with my asylum benefits. I stopped receiving the benefits in September 2021 when I started a compulsory internship then didn't try to get them again as I got a job with my university (minijob) along with scholarship to finance myself and be independent (benefiting me as I am getting residence permit under 25a soon, have a question about it in another thread). I once tried to apply for Bafog in March 2021 where the insurance contacted me and said we didn't know you're a student send us your enrollment certificates since you started which I did thinking nothing of it. I didn't receive the Bafog at the end (due to the Auslanderbehoerde missing a deadline for a paper). So is this normal? Am I supposed to pay all this money, I definitely can't. What do you think may be a solution? Thank you very much in advance. 

asked Mar 1, 2023 in Home & Living by moejojo | 388 views

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Dear @moejojo,

Health insurance for students in Germany is roughly between 110-120€ per month, so your bill would be for a period of around 9 months, is this so?

Once you stopped receiving asylum benefits, you are responsible for paying for your health insurance. If you had received Bafög, this would have included money to help cover your health insurance. Otherwise, unfortunately, you have to pay. I advise you to check the amount they are charging you: is it the correct rate (i.e. the reduced monthly for students) and for the right number of months? Possibly you can have the amount reduced a bit. You can ask to pay in installments, this is called Rantenzahlung. To do this you make a repayment agreement with them called a Ratenzahlungsverinbarung.

As you write that the issue with Bafög was due to a deadline being missed by the Ausländerbehörde, I recommend you also looking into doing what’s called an ‘Überprüfungsantrag’. This allows you to have a past decision made by an authority checked again. If it can be shown that the Bafög application was rejected for reasons beyond your control (i.e. due to the amount of time needed by another authority), then you can still be granted Bafög for the period concerned.

I hope that helps clarify the situation a bit.



answered Mar 10, 2023 by mbeon-Éanna
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