My woman has a residence permit  on paragraph 25 section 5, and she have a baby for me my passport is not out yet I have done the vaterschaftsanerkennung and sogerich, my child birth certificate is out but my nationality is unknown, why is my auslanderamt asking for my password
asked Nov 11, 2022 in Legal advice by James okafor | 48 views

Hey James, welcome to Wefugees and thank you for your Question.

I found a question on Wefugees where our expert advises against visiting your home country's embassy to apply for a new passport. 



I am unfortunately not an expert, so I will link @mbeon-fardeen and @Mbeon-Christine here. 

If you could help us with this question we would be very grateful. I will do further research in the meantime. 


Dear James,

Also from my side a warm welcome to the Wefugees Community.
I am afraid we may need some more details in order to provide useful information. Are you holding a residence permit and if yes, which one? What do you mean with “my nationality is unknown”?
In Germany, the law says that foreigners have to hold a passport for their identification. The immigration office will request from you to organize one in case you never presented one to them.
If you applied for asylum and the decision (or court sentence) is still pending, you shouldn’t go to the embassy to apply for a new passport. In case you are recognized as a refugee, you will be issued a refugee (blue) passport. In all other constellations the immigration office will urge you to take care of it.
But maybe you explain us a bit more about your situation first.

All the best,


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