I want to clarify below questions. Your answer really appreciate.
1.If I married my partner in Deutschland what happened for my asylum case with BAMF?   

2. After marriage how long it will take to issue a TRP?

3. How can we apply it from immigration office?  

4. After get this TRP can I travel to my mother land and return back to Deutschland?  

5.I gave my passport,national ID and driving licence to BAMF office, what will happen for that?

Yes I know I have so many questions here. I'm waiting to hear from you soon.

Thank you...
asked Nov 9, 2022 in Legal advice by Lovewithus | 17 views

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Dear @Lovewithus,

For this answer, I understand TRP to mean temporary residence permit.

  1. If you marry your partner, your asylum case does not change. Depending on the nationality and residence status of your partner, you may be entitled to a residence permit as their spouse. If you wish to apply for this, you would have to withdraw your asylum application.
  2. I cannot estimate how long it would take. It depends on the caseload at the immigration office and the individual circumstances. For example, the authorities may need to **** at your income as a couple or interview you both to see if the marriage is genuine.
  3. If you withdrew your asylum application, you can then apply for a residence permit for family reunification with the local immigration office. Please be aware, the immigration office may request you to first leave the country, return to your home country, and then apply for a family reunification visa from the German embassy. This can take quite some time and there are few exceptions to this.
  4. Yes, if you had a permit as a family member you could then travel to your home country.
  5. Your documents will be returned to you if you withdraw your asylum case.



answered Nov 11, 2022 by mbeon-Éanna
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