Dear Sir or Madame. ..

I am looking to got your legal opinion & maybe later your legal help ...

I am a recognised political refuge in Greece since 2015 ..
I came to Germany 6 years ago .. and asked again for asylum. ..
unfortunately I was deported back to Greece 6 months ago .. since then I was trying to renew my Greek residence permit ..
unfortunately I was informed by the Greek authorities that Germany had issued an alert on me as illegal immigrant on the European information centre. ..
& until this alert is removed they can't renew my residence permit. .

I  am asking you please if you could advise me how to remove this alert .. and how long you think this might take .. taking note I have a crystal clean criminal record in all the EU ..

kind regards. 
asked Sep 22 in Legal advice by Meltomm
Hello @Meltomm, welcome to our platform and thanks for reaching out to us. I will link our dear experts @mbeon-fardeen @mbeon-Èanna here. Maybe they can have a look at your question and help you with an answer. All the best, Saskia

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Dear @Meltomm,

I am really sorry to hear what happened to you.

Unfortunately, I never came across a similar issue before and can not give you much of an advice. I would highly recommend you to contact “Equal Rights Beyond Borders” , a refugee supporting organization operating in Greece and Germany. They offer free legal advice by lawyers and are reachable via WhatsApp as well. You find the contact details following the link. I really hope they can support and counsel you on this.

Also don’t hesitate to get back to us with any further questions - maybe will be able to help you on another topic. I will also make some more research on your question here!

All the best and take care,


answered 2 days ago by Meike
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Dear @Meltomm,

I’m not what you mean by the European Information Centre. Is it the Schengen Information System?

The Schengen Information System stores information on certain people which is then shared among EU member states. Here’s a list of why people would be recorded on it:

It says that people who have been returned are only recorded in the system since Autumn 2022. If you were deported 6 months ago, then it cannot be for this reason. I presume you are recored due to the first reason ‘refusal of entry or stay’.

You can request to see the information that is kept about you. If it is not correct, you can also request for it to be deleted. Here is a detailed article about this process:

The other issue is with the Greek immigration authorities. As you were deported, it is clear that Greece is responsible for your asylum case and refugee status. I do not see why an alert in the SIS would prevent them from issuing you with a residence permit as it concerns Germany and your stay in Greece is legal. It is possible that due to your extended absence from Greece, you have lost your refugee status there. As my colleague wrote, I encourage you to make contact with support services in Greece who will have a better understanding of the immigration law there.



answered 1 day ago by mbeon-Éanna
well ... thank you very very much for your reply ...
and I did contact with every organisation in Greece. ..& Germany .. unfortunately none of them had any idea what's going on ... and their lawyers told me that it's above there experience. ..

the first thing .. losing my asylum status it's impossible. .. according to the Greek laws  ..

- I was in contact with the police here in Greece and they confirmed that there is an active alert on me from Germany ..
I also called Sweden .. and got the same reply ..
unfortunately according to the SIS II Law ..
I can't do anything from .. as the state who issued the alert is responsible to edit it or remove it ..
I already contacted with the Federal German police ... and they told me to contact with the Foreigners Office in the city where I used to stay ...
I also contacted with the BKA ..
unfortunately they are not replying  ...

now I will attach the letter received from the Greek asylum services  ...


You have sent many e-mail’s to Asylum office regarding the delay of the renewal of your residence permit.

Indeed, according to our investigation it seems that you have nothing serious with the Greek law.

The problem with you is that during your visit in foreign countries, you have requested the refugee status, although you have already received it from the Greek state.

For that you have marked as illegal immigrant at the European Information System.

Sweden reply :

 After conducting a search in the Schengen Information System I can tell you that it is Germany that have registered you in the database, not Sweden. Therefore, I advise you to contact competent German authorities

i also contacted pro Asyl ... fluechtlingsrat ...and many other ..
but no help was given. ..

and honestly the Greek authorities here were very helpful and direct. ..
I searched about the subject. .. it's very rare case .. when in Germany the wanna deport someone they should issue an alert on him inside Germany .. in this rare cases the alert got put on the Eu system. ..  and a request for the removal of this alert must be applied  ..
so I wonder if there is any organisation in Germany might be able to help me find out what's going on. .. and maybe do the necessary steps to solve this problem

again thank you very much

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