Say I am applying or applied for asylum in France (in process or granted or rejected). Is it possible after getting a job contract with a company in Luxembourg apply for a work visa In Luxembourg?
asked Jun 28, 2022 in Asylum proceedings by Drat | 804 views
Dear @Drat, welcome to Wefugees and thank you for reaching out to us. I will link our dear experts @mbeon-Gabriele and @mbeon-Ruth here. Maybe they can help you with an answer. Best wishes, Julia.

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Dear @Drat, as far as I know it is not possible. You must apply for a work visa from your homecountry. Working in France should be possible even during the asylum process, but working in another country not. As I am not totally sure on this issue, I recommend you ask a lawyer or the Luxembourg embassy. Regards mbeon-Ruth
answered Jun 29, 2022 by mbeon-Ruth
Yes, what if the company is willing to sponsor your work visa? Because I studied in France but due to the crisis in Cameroon I can’t go back. Now, I have had some interesting interviews and the companies are wanting to apply for a work permit for me in Luxembourg. Would that pose any problem?
This is a good question. If the companies are so eager to hire you, let them inquire if it is possible without leaving Europe. There are exceptions in the visa procedure, but I think they are quite limited. Maybe ask a lawyer who is familiar with Luxembourg's foreigner's law (or ask the company to support you in this question).
Yes yes the position doesn’t require me to travel out of Europe to say the least.
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