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Please i have an important question. For over 2years now i and my wife with our kids moved from our old address to a new address in the same city and when i went to the rathaus to change my almendung the rathaus contacted auslanderbeholden bos am holding a duldung and my wife is a german (we are both married with kids) then the auslanderbeholden asked me to make an antrag for the change of address which i did and it was approved immediately then, i did my almendung with my family.(recently i told the auslanderbeholden that i have agreed to go and come with family reunion visa) surprisely i received a letter from Auslanderbeholden today that Why did i not inform RAST about my change of address. So, i have to write an email to RAST about my change of address! My question is who are these Rast? Am i going to have problem with them because very soon am travelling back to africa for my reunion visa. Am done with my document verification. Or is the RAST For deportation?? Please reply me. Am happily married with 4kids(twins twice).
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asked Apr 13 in Legal advice by Kesskester28
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