I’m an illegal in germany and my German girlfriend got seriously injured and is in hospital. I’m not able to travel to her because of no documents. Can I surrender myself to Ausländer Behörde and ask them to allow me to take care of her? As she is already in a divorce process and lives alone. A fire broke out in her house and she had to jump out of the window from 4th floor to save herself as the Feuerwehr took a long time to reach. She’s totally fractured and I’m really worried. I can’t do anything, please help.
asked Mar 18, 2022 in Legal advice by Gaurav | 633 views
@Gaurav you will be deported .. don't try to make that mistake. How are wish u guys have baby together that will be a different case.. u guys are only in relationship, u are not married and no kids so u will be deported
@Felise Thanks a lot for your response but I need to do something. I can’t leave her alone in problem. Is there anything I can do?
@Gaurav then you will end up been deported .... do whatever u have in mind but when they deport you, you will remember my reply to your post here

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Dear @Gaurav

First of all, I am really sorry to hear about your difficult situation and your girlfriend's accident. 

I am afraid, however, that the immigration office will not issue a residence permit for you at this stage to take care of your girlfriend. Travelling within Germany (and without papers) might be possible, but is definitely also a risk. Would you need to travel far (and with public transport)? I really don't know how we can help you here. I would highly recommend you to get some individual (emotional) support in a counselling office. You don't need to worry about the contact - there are many organisations which offer free of charge and confidential services.

 Regarding you girlfriend: I hope that there are also family and/or friends who can visit her in hospital now in case you are not able to go!? 

If you want to share your approximate location, I would be happy to make some research on counselling offices in your area  and contact details 

All the best for you and your girlfriend, 


answered Mar 20, 2022 by Meike
@meike thanks a lot for the suggestion. I’ve met her parents and talked to her through video conferencing. She’s badly injured but recovering. Once again thank you to the whole Wefugees team for their support and help.
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If both of you live in Germany,  why are you scared to go and see her in the hospital? You don't need a visa or residence permit to visit a sick person in the hospital.
answered Mar 24, 2022 by Donmorris
@Donmorris because I need 3G to visit and I don’t have that.
If your AOK card is still valid, you can take vaccine or make a quick text,  with that you can visit
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