My heart is broken and my soul is with the people from Ukraine fighting for their lives and democracy broken heart
and I want to give something back. 

Do you know, what are the best organizations, where I can donate money for bulletproof vests, helmets, medical supply for ukraine? 

All the best 


asked Feb 28, 2022 in How can I help? by WadgySaSa | 643 views

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2 Answers

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Here you can always find good and trustworthy organizations to donate to with the information about what exactly it is used for.


Bless you and take care,
answered Feb 28, 2022 by Laura23
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Also this is one of the most experienced Organization in this field: MitOst e.V
Humanitarian aid: URGENT CALL – HELMETS AND BULLETPROOF VESTS NEEDED, Solar powered power banks, medical supplies

We have received an urgent request for collecting money on helmets and vests for Ukrainians to protect themselves. If you would like to donate to this specific cause, through MitOst e.V. PayPal or MitOst e.V. bank transfer please use subject: Helmets and vests.


Donate for Ukraine through MitOst e.V. via PayPal:


Donate for Ukraine through MitOst e.V. via bank transfer:

IBAN: DE18 4306 0967 1176 9528 07


Subject: Support for Ukraine

answered Feb 28, 2022 by Laura23
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