Dear team,

I am doing Hotelfach ausbildung together with my wife. After completing probation period I have submitted transfer to Dortmund city because of long traveling distance and Shift work. Arnsberg berkisregierung accepted the transfer and I must find apartment within 4 weeks.

My current situation each of us having 588 euro per month and our Apartment is paid by social office in current city. However Dortmund Ausländerbehörde said I need to find apartment, pay deposit, transfer my furniture my self...etc. Because of our income limits how can we get further social assistance for apartment or traveling cost reimburse after new city transfer?

Please guide me if possible. I have sent emails by asking help from Dortmund Caritas, Diakonie and Amenesty. But no proper reply from them. I am no where because there is no guidelines. Last option I have is only asking my wife to do Ausbildung and moving forward woth full time job for me. More about me. 2019 Aug 1st arrived to Germany. Aug 15 and 26 had Bamf interviews. November 26 2019 had Dublin decided. Because of coronavirus Dublin deportation was terminated. And so far no decision about anything and therefore I have started with Ausbildung.

Please be kind enough to guide me if possible.
asked Feb 23 in Education by Coop

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