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I want to ask something that’s important. I got my resident permit in 2020 , 2021 my girlfriend and my kids moved to another city which of later i joined them. We are both working not on soziale or job center. Through the year 2021 we found out that the city wasn’t actually good for the kids. 2022 we decide to go back to our old city. My girlfriend  is an European woman and we are not married yet. We got a big new apartment already, but my question is, will my old city accept me back ? Do i have to make Anmeldung in Ausländerbehörde again? Is it possible for me to move back to my old city again after 1 year?
asked Feb 2, 2022 in Legal advice by Leon | 238 views

Dear @Leon

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again. 

Can you name us the exact type of your residence permit? In general, recognised refugees are obliged to stay in the city they were initially allocated to for three years after the recognition or the issuing of the residence permit (Wohnsitzauflage). They can apply for a permission to move to another location when they can prove certain reasons (as family unification or work). People holding a Duldung are also not allowed to move to another place without a permission. But I assume that you are holding another document, right? Was it issued according to the freedom of movement (EU) regulations as your children are EU citizens? Since you are not receiving money from the government either, moving to another city will probably not be an issue. But I am afraid that we can only give a more tailored advice after being familiar with your legal status. I would recommend you to contact the immigration office directly to be safe and sure about your situation.

In general, you (and everyone living in Germany) are obliged to register with the city authorities (Bürgeramt) as soon as you moved to a new address. 

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Thank you so much for the help. I have lived in my old city for 5 years. My asylum was negative and Verfahren. So I got resident permit because of my children. On my permit is written Freizügg/EU… i got the permit 2020, and I left 2021. Is it possible to go back to my old city 2022?

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Dear @Leon

Thank you for the clarification. I don't see any reason why you are not allowed to move to another place (or in this case back again). You are not receiving social money either, which could have been an issue. 

Please don't forget to register with the authorities though. 

All the best, 


answered Feb 4, 2022 by Meike
Thank you very much once again for the positive answer. I’m glad
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