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Dear Wefugees Community,

What will be the best way to find a professional job in Germany? Is there any chance as an Asylum Seeker to get a professional job in Germany?

Best Regards,
Karin Alex
asked Jan 11 in Work by Karin Alex

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Hello Karin ,

N/B … I’m not a lawyer or a professional but would like to share my % here from experiences. And hopefully you can get informations from it.

Your chances of getting a job does not depend on the type of residence you have once you have been allowed to work, as in Germany it is a crime to be discriminated because you’re an asylum seeker or a refugee. Your chances of getting is Job depends of the following

• skills

• Qualifikation

• CV

• experiences

• City you live in, there would be more opportunities for foriegners in Berlin and Frankfurt than in Aachen for instance.

And most importantly Language level except for careers like IT. But still at it most companies prefer to employ people with basic German language skills.

If you meet all these requirements , I would suggest you look at the sites and find jobs.



hopefully my answer was useful to you.

Have a great week. Cheers
answered Jan 12 by Sanesam
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