Hello Wefugees, I have asked this question before but I didn't get response.
Now I am asking you for your in-depth knowledge about this situation.
I have been issued a residence permit in accordance with section 25 (5) Aufenthaltsgesetz.
But I don't know based on which humanitarian reasons it was issued.
Knowing the reasons is somehow important to me, because I didn't apply for the residence permit, I just received a post telling me that I can be granted a residence permit in accordance with section 25 (5) Aufenthaltsgesetz.
My question is how do I know for what humanitarian reasons this residence permit was issued to me?
This concerns me because Ausländerbehörde issued me Aufenthaltserlaubnis for 6 months and  Reiseausweis für Ausländer for one year and I was told to bring my country passport before the Reiseausweis expires, because it won't be renewed for me again. Ausländerbehörde also said that if my current Aufenthaltserlaubnis expired I will be issued a Fiktionsbescheinigung until they decide if it'll be renewed or not.
I mean the situation is worrisome to me.
I am worry , because I have learned that this residence permit can also be issued to people due to lack of national passport.
If I bring my country passport won't I be in serious jeopardy then?

Thank you in advance.
asked Dec 11, 2021 in Legal advice by Great Man

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