I have sent an email to your team weeks ago, offering my service to this page and I haven't heard anything since. I would really love to help! :)
asked Oct 6, 2021 in How can I help? by someoneingermany

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Dear @someoneingermany,

Thank you so much for your message and I am very sorry - we apparently overlooked your email unintentionally. 

My dear colleague Conny explained the functioning of the Wefugees Community very nicely in this thread before: On the one hand, we have experts in the field of asylum/residence/social law, who can give profound and reliable legal information and advice. On the other hand, the Community lives from the active exchange of every single members's experiences and the collective knowledge. 

Therefore, you are more than welcome to support us in reading new questions, making research, providing resources and link for instance information, which were provided and discussed in earlier opened threads. That is basically what I am doing as well :-)

No matter the topic, usually there are so many more information which potentially could be added to answers and it is great to have active members as you helping in keeping the dialogue and information flows alive!

Many thanks again for your support and I am very much looking forward to your future contributions in our Community!

All the best,


answered Oct 7, 2021 by Meike
Thank you, @Meike! I will do my best to help around here! Your page has been instrumental in my stay here in DE!
I am more than glad to hear that our Community is so helpful :-)

Looking forward to your future contributions!

Best wishes,

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