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Hello everyone! First of all I am really thankful to each and every one of you who tried to help me in their best possible way. I am sick and tired of this bureaucratic game ,therefore, I want to end my asylum after completion of my ausbildung. Is it possible that I could move to another country with a visa from Germany?
asked Sep 20 in Other Questions by Sidra

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Once you complete your Ausbildungduldung, and get a job within six month, it's all good. Most probably, you get the job in your Ausbildungduldung firma, then you get two years residence permit.

Moreover, Unfortunately you can't go to another country legally unless you have German residence permit.
answered Sep 23 by helios
Thank you...but after getting residence permit and with a visa ,I can go right?
Ofcourse you can.
Thank you for the reply .
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