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I did my theory driving  test in Englisch and passed . I have now done the practice driving test 4 times and i cant get the licence. I am.failing . My driving teacher is saying it is because of the German Language thats why i cant achieve  to get my drivers license . What can i do . I work in the pflege and i need a car . Weekends or holidays public Transport is hard . Please help.
asked Aug 12 in Other Questions by Tinatina

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Hi Tinatina

Hopefully you have passed it already. In any case you are not alone. I am a Driving Teacher knowing this problem, so i quit my jop to build a online language course to understand the examiner. The course is still in development but i search some testers to try the finished modules  for free,  helping me with feedback.  If your interested let me know. The page is  I wish you all the best for your exam. Kind regards Dario.
answered Sep 10 by Dario
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