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Hi everyone, I hope someone can guide me, thanks in advance, I am venezuelan and I am considering to leave my home country, leaving my family behind and I am the one providing financial support,  concerns me a lot that something happen and I wouldn't be able to help meanwhile I am trying to save for their tickets to reunite with me,
first my grandfather was spaniard but didn't knew about my rights so I "lost" my right to be an European citizen, there's any resource I can use to try to recover it to make things a bit easier?, second my boyfriend is danish and we really want to live together, we considered to get marry we are 35 and 37 years old, but they make it financially challenging, we would like to be stable financially before having a kid, but we are not kids anymore, he is plumber and I am dental hygienist and I'm not even sure if any European country recognized my education, we have been considering if could be doable get marry and I could ask for asylum <in what order> since we don't have the resources for family reunification?, or also looking other countries where we might be welcome, we both want to work and we are also considering best country with opportunities for a kickstarter any suggestion? Pretty please, we feel lost and with fewer resources which would be our best alternative, thanks a bunch
asked Jul 17 in Legal advice by MG86

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