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Please after several months they have given me an appointment to come with my digital picture and a form for my resident, and I want to if I can be given the resident permit without first given me a duldung for the start.  Thank you
asked Jul 14, 2021 in Legal advice by Armstrong68

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Dear @Armstrong68,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again.

In general, the issuing of a residence permit does not require a prior Duldung. 

However, I remember that we discussed your situation already before in this thread and it was indeed complicated. For what kind of residence permit did you apply? According to section 28 of the German Residence Act (as father of a German child) or according to 25 (5), for instance? I realised that our expert Alla had some questions about your background as well and you did not get back to her. Maybe we can discuss your situation also in your earlier opened thread, as we have exhanged way more details there.

Please feel welcome to get back to us and all the best,


answered Jul 18, 2021 by Meike
Thank you for your reply, Yes but they give me  toleration each month for the past 6 months without saying anything so I took a different lawyer and wrote to them, and now they says I should come for it , but I want to will the give it to me straight or they will give a a different duldung before
Thank you for your reply, dear @Armstrong68. I am afraid that we can not know from outside what happened in the last weeks/months in your case and in which way your new lawyer and the immigration office communicated. I would recommend you to address your lawyer with your question - only he/she can have a full overview here and give a reliable answer. All the best, Meike
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