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Dear Wefugees Community,

Please I need an advice to a situation that am having presently. I received a letter from Vodafone to pay a certain amount of money for GigaTV/App that I never applied or order for. I never made a contract for the said GigaTV/app from Vodafone, how could I pay for a service I never applied/ordered for. I called Vodafone and told them that I never applied for a GigaTV/App and they told me to write them a letter explaining that I never ordered or received the GigaTV which I did, suddenly yesterday I received another letter from Vodafone that the contract is terminated and I have to pay and amount of 321,88€ for the GigaTV, how can I pay for this GigaTV that I never used or applied for. I don’t know if there is an office responsible for such issue/problem in Munich.

I feel very disappointed and angry about it, how can I pay for something I never order from them. Please I need advice or assistance on what should I do

Kindly looking forward for your response

Kind Regard

asked Jun 16 in Information & Offers by SYK

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Dear @SYK,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us.

I would recommend to contact the so-called „Verbraucherzentrale“ in Munich and explain the situation. They are specialized in customer rights etc. 

Please follow the link for the contact details and more information. In Berlin, for instance, they charge a minor fee for the consultation (around 15 Euros). Their website is saying that due to Corona they give advisory services on the phone. So maybe it makes sense to call them with someone who speaks German well also.

I hope they can help and please don’t hesitate to get back to us with any further questions.

All the best,


answered Jun 19 by Meike
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