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I am a Duldung holder with a German child.

I applied for a residence permit and submitted all the document they requested via email to the migration office .It’s been 9 weeks since I applied for the residence permit Section 28 paragraph 3.I just received a mail letter from the migration office that says*You should now be granted a residence permit* and also in the letter they have given me an appointment in three weeks time to speak to the migration to issue a residence permit.In the letter I am requested to bring my national passport and a photograph with me on the appointment date.It also says in the letter I will be finger printed.What does this mean?Will I have an interview with someone at the migration office on this appointment ?or it’s just to do finger print and also submit the requested documents that’s the national passport and photopgragh?Have I been granted a residence permit ?I want to be sure before I go for my appointment in three weeks time.

asked 4 days ago in Information & Offers by Preciousewoman

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Dear Sister don't stress yourself much. They need your fingerprint for electronic residents card and there is no interview to worry about. Cheers!!
finally we can go to Ghana coming Christmas to eat fufuo
answered 4 days ago by Tony1111
Ok thanks very much for your info.I look forward to the appointment date.
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