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Hello i am in germany from last 4 months illegal and my g. F is pregnant from last 3 months and she is greek but she is studying here in germany her all family living here her family is accepted me and the thing is i done fake marriage in cyprus too if i do marriage here with her is it possible can cyprus record will show here and how i can get stay here in germany on the basis of child i consult with one lawyer already but he is telling me about marriage here and also if u can suggest me any consultaion or lawyer in neuss area pls let me know we r in relationship from last 3 years her parents in my side to do anything pls help me with this
asked 6 days ago in Legal advice by Jammu
Well to get marriage you need registration in Germany and when you are illegal it is not possible and when you start procedure for marriage it takes long time I dont know from which country you are ? And your fake marriage from Cyprus dont have any record anywhere so I suggest you don't give or use any fake documents in Europe specifically in Germany if you want to live your future life in Germany and last thing is you can speak with any lawyer or Notar who make for you Vaterschaft certificate or your girlfriend speak with her doctor that you her father of her upcoming child or you can ask for asylum and then you have registration and can do all procedure easy I hope you understand situation .

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