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Hello,.have gotten a termin for Sicherheit fragen on the 29th April and also a Fingerprint termin for 11 May. Please I want to know what document I will receive on the 29th April after the Sicherheit feagen cos the man from the Ausnlanderbehorde tell me come with my Duldung.  I my getting Aufenthaltfriktional besheinigung immediately or after
asked Apr 25, 2021 in Legal advice by Gago

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You are not getting any paper from them on that 29th .unless you Duldung expired on that day but the will renew it. But day of you finger print they can give you your passport if then have given it to you. Fiktionsbescheinung is for some one who have already  have aufenthaltstitels that want to renew. As far you have Duldung already you cannot get it. After your fingerprint that will tell you day to collect it which is 4.6 weeks.
But if your Duldung expire they can give vorläufige bescheinigungen.  Which have all your details and years they granted. But is not compulsory they give you because Ausweis are different
answered Apr 28, 2021 by Gentle james
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